Cuban Food

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Savor the Flavors of Cuba

Try our homemade Cuban sandwiches in Midland, TX

Tired of the same dinners every week? It's time to branch out and explore new flavors. Visit Texas Lodge Bar & Grill in Midland, TX to try our authentic Cuban food. You can trust us to prepare everything on-site with local ingredients. For instance, our famous homemade Cuban sandwiches are made using fresh bread and meats.

You'll appreciate the high-quality ingredients as soon as you take your first bite. Visit our restaurant now to see for yourself.

Explore some of our menu options

Whether you're looking for a crispy salad or a savory sandwich, we'll satisfy all of your cravings. Sample our:

  • Homemade Cuban sandwiches
  • Slow roasted pork
  • Cuban coffee
No matter which menu option you choose, get ready to experience the unique flavor combinations of another culture. Our goal is to transport customers abroad place the moment they step through our doors.

Start your journey by trying our authentic Cuban food now.